Wedding Bells

So my fiance and I went ahead and “eloped” yesterday. We just ran down to the courthouse and within minutes we were legally married.

The State of Colorado apparently makes it extremely easy to get married. You could almost call it a “quickie” wedding. First of all couples can “self-officiate,” meaning you don’t need a priest, rabbi, minister or justice of the peace to marry you. You can just do it yourselves. However one interesting exception is you can’t just have anyone else do it for you either – if you don’t do it yourselves, then the person must be ordained or in some other capacity allowed to marry people.

Also they didn’t require witnesses either – so all we did was take the marriage license to a table, filled it out and signed it. Once we brought it back, all we had to do was pay about $35 (processing fee plus 2 certified copies), and we were married!

I know this probably sounds very un-romantic, but it suited who we are as a couple. We are planning a more romantic, formal wedding reception for close friends and family. That will happen in less than a month and should be a lot of fun. I’ll add a photo gallery for wedding photos and reception photos in my photo page so come back and check them out!

UPDATE: Here are all the wedding photos!

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  1. Nice! That’s one way to do it. Quick, simple, and to the point.

  2. Interesting, I had no idea you could do that without at least a Justice of the Peace.

  3. gabiendress says:

    Yeah Colorado makes it ridiculously easy to get married. :)

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