Life and stuff …

It’s been ages since I’ve posted an update. I have nothing earth shattering to blog about today but I figured I’d just write a little update about life in general.

I’ve been pretty busy with work lately – my hours have really picked up with my clients and I’m consistently working 25 – 40 hours/week now. My YouTube channel is going along nicely. I’ve topped 400 subscribers recently and hope to hit 500 before my 1 year anniversary on October 6.

Dave and I are still enjoying wedded bliss, although life after marriage really isn’t *that* different than life before, other than dealing with joint taxes and crap like that.

We finally have all our remodeling done in our kitchen and downstairs bath/laundry room, so once we get past dealing with taxes, we can start house shopping (yay!). :)

I started an 8 week healthy weight program at a local gym here. So far lost 3.5lbs. Still have a *lot* more to lose but I’ve been sticking with it so far (finished 4 weeks so far). After the program is done, I’ll join the gym and keep going.

Naturally I had to go sprain my ankle yesterday, so that’s going to challenge me, but I’ll talk to my personal trainer and figure out a workaround until I heal up! In the  mean time I’ll keep being good on my diet! :)

We’re planning on a short trip to Chicago for my aunt’s 60th surprise birthday party, and I’ll also get a chance to visit with my niece and nephew while I’m there. Then in November it will be off to Belize for our honeymoon and in December to Montana for Christmas with Dave’s family.

I love to travel, but I am also looking forward to just being home for awhile after all that. I’ve traveled a lot this year and I think I need a break!

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