Chabil Mar Resort in the Morning
Chabil Mar Resort in the Morning

Last week we got back from our honeymoon in Belize. We had a really lovely time and took tons of photos and video footage of our trip.

This was by far our most expensive trip we’ve ever taken, mostly in part because we decided to stay at a resort, instead of just rent a little house somewhere, which is what we usually do.

It was a lovely treat to go to a mostly inclusive resort. We did opt for a local boutique resort named Chabil Mar Villas (they only have 22 villas on the property), instead of a large well known resort like Sandals. They took really good care of us, and we met many other honeymooners during our stay there. They also arranged all of our excursions during our stay. We ended up going on 3 of the 4 excursions we had originally planned:

  • A visit to some local Mayan ruins at Labaantun and Nim Li Punit, along with a stop at a local cafe for some traditional Belizean cuisine (chicken, rice and beans, collard greens).
  • A boat trip out to Laughing Bird Caye, an island about 11 miles off the coast of where we were staying. We went snorkeling off the island. That was a lot of fun!
  • A tour of the Monkey River, including a jungle hike to seek out howler monkeys, followed by lunch in Monkey River Village.

I think I might like to go back again, but next time we’ll skip the resort (as lovely as Chabil Mar was, they were very expensive). I’ve checked and there are plenty of rental homes in that area so we could easily go back and spend only 1/5th of what we spent on our honeymoon.

I am hoping this will be my one and only honeymoon, so I wanted it to be memorable, and it sure was!! :)

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