Midlife Crisis?!


I’ve come to a realization that my primary motivation behind all the changes I’ve been doing this year are possibly attributable to the fact I turned 40 a year ago. Since then I’ve been having all sorts of medical tests and procedures done that I’ve been putting off. I’ve been going back to the gym and working out (and as of this post have lost 9lbs, yay!). I’m doing more with my hair and makeup than I have in the past, along with my wardrobe – trying to improve my overall appearance.

Last but not least, I’ve also finally gone ahead and gotten braces to straighten my teeth. Now I definitely have a medical reason behind getting them, but a part of me is also kind of excited to finally get straight teeth after all these years.

So I’m pretty sure I’m doing all this because I turned 40 and I came to realize I’m not getting any younger and I better start taking care of myself before I regret it – that’s the primary motivator. The secondary, and more vanity driven one, is the fact I’ll also start looking better too (at least that’s the hope!).

So stay tuned – in another year or so I may post a photo of the new, improved me!

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  1. Daghain says:

    Oh girl, I feel your pain. By 45 you just say, “Hey, I fixed what I could, and screw everyone else”. LOL. That said, ask me how much I spend on my hair each month…

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