Moving House

2013-03-09 16.43.13
Our new house!

Well we’ve finally done it! Dave and I have bought a new house! Contracts are signed, appraisal is scheduled. In fact the appraisal is the last piece that we’re worried about now – if the home doesn’t appraise to what we offered on it, we still get the option to back out of the deal. I’m hoping that won’t happen, since the builders already made the one big modification we requested in the house (it had a *huge* upstairs loft, and we asked them to wall it in and   make a 4th bedroom, which I will use as my home office).

Yes I said builders – when we viewed the home, it was only partially finished (ok mostly, but still needed plumbing fixtures, flooring, etc.). So this is a *brand new* house (squee!). I love the colors they chose for this house and it’s a nice contemporary/modern look on the interior. It had almost everything we wanted too (and our list of wants was pretty extensive).

2013-03-16 16.22.54
Our new kitchen! :)

When we move in, the landscaping won’t even be quite done yet, but there are lots of great areas to walk the dogs in, so Dave and I will get our share of exercise doing that until the landscaping gets put in (which may not be until late May or early June).

Be that as it may, we’re pretty excited (ok, I’m really excited, Dave is slightly excited but mostly stressed because of all the stupid hoops the government has put into place for securing a mortgage these days.). Look for more updates and a full set of photos once we’ve closed on the house! :)

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