An Ode to the Soaker Tub

2013-05-07 18.18.54Many of you may not know of my deep and abiding love for hot baths. I grew up in an old house, with old plumbing and wiring.  In our tiny bathroom was an equally ancient bear claw tub.  The kind that had separate taps for hot and cold water, and no shower fixtures.

I remember languishing in that tub as a child. I was small enough,  I could float in the tub easily. Adding bubbles and I felt like I was floating among the clouds.

Since moving out of that apartment,  I have dreamt of having a large soaker -sized tub again. I was always shocked when friends of mine, who had homes with these large tubs, would tell me they never used them.

Finally,  last year, my husband and I have bought a home with a large master suite, and my dream tub. I enjoy a nice, hot soak 2-3x each week. It’s glorious,  and I don’t know why more people don’t indulge in their fabulous bath tubs!