Marriage Obsession

Marriage Heart HealthI’ve been noticing this more and more now online – when ever some couple get together and their fans approve, they get a dozens of fans commenting “when are you getting married?!” “wow you two will such cute babies!”

This is coming from pre-teens, teens, and even fans in their 20s. What is with people being so obsessed with their favorite “couples” getting married (and I don’t just mean Hollywood couples, but even the ones on YouTube … Shane Dawson and his girlfriend Lisa Schwartz being a prime example).

In this day and age, why do people have to get married at all? Sure there can be some financial benefits to getting married, but unless you’re very devoutly religious, there really is no other reason to be married. Couples (of any gender mix) can be perfectly happy living together and being in love without marriage. Yes there are certain limitations that we place on couples who aren’t married (in terms of medical decisions, health insurance coverage, etc.) which I also don’t think is fair, but that’s a different topic altogether.

I just don’t get this overall obsession of people to want to see a couple dive into marriage just because people think they are “perfect” together. They may be, but who cares? Let them come to that conclusion in their own time and stop trying to interfere in other people’s relationships.