Geek Central

Geek-Central-PromoteI’ve decided to try my hand at something new – managing a forum and a subreddit, both tied together and called Geek Central. For years I’ve spent time on various forums, each one dedicated to a single topic, and off-topic discussions were often discouraged.

I’ve wanted a central place where folks like myself, with a wide variety of geeky interests, can get together and discuss all of them in the same place. Thus Geek Central was born.

The forum itself has started to become quite active, which I’m happy about, with over 120 members to date. I decided to also create a subreddit that’s tied to the forum as there are lots of geeks on subreddit and I thought it may be a good way to promote the forum.

So if you’re a geek and want to hang out with other geeks – come check us out!! <– shameless self-promotion ;)

Geek Central Forum:

Geek Central Subreddit: