Diet-to-Go Daily Reviews

I started last week trying out a service called Diet-to-Go. They prepare meals, freeze and ship them to your home. I thought I would start a daily blog series where I review the meals I’ve eaten that day. I currently have a 5 day/week meal plan, with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I’ll summarize all the meals I’ve had so far. Any day I don’t list a meal, it means I ate something that wasn’t part of the diet-to-go meal plan (since this is the 5 day plan, not the 7 day plan).

Day 1

Dinner: Whitefish Parmesan with Ginger Orange Carrots (350 calories)

Overall the flavor of this dinner was good, but I tried to microwave it straight out of the freezer and that didn’t work very well (I later learned that they recommend thawing in the refrigerator before cooking). The carrots ended up being a bit rubbery because I had to over cook them in order to get them hot. Also the cheese on the fish ended up getting over cooked as well. However the flavor was good so mostly my fault for not reading directions!

Day 2

Breakfast: Apple Pancakes with Turkey Sausage (360 calories)

These were whole wheat pancakes. They were substantial, but still fluffy. They came with a apple cinnamon compote to put on the top. The turkey sausage patty was very flavorful. Too late I realized I actually could have made a pancake and sausage sandwich out of the entire meal (as I said the pancakes were pretty substantial). This was also a very filling meal.

2015-01-16 15.30.37Lunch: Stewed Vegetables with Chicken and Brown Rice (430 calories)

The vegetables were stewed in a tomato sauce and were nice and flavorful. The chicken breast was also tasty and it all combined well with the brown rice. Overall another filling meal. (Photo depicts this meal)

Dinner: Tomato Vegetable Pie with Couscous (500 calories)

This was a little casserole with the vegetables being cooked in a creamy tomato sauce, and topped with cheese. The couscous was served on the side. This was the most delicious meal yet. The flavors were amazing and this time the cheese wasn’t rubbery (I defrosted this time around!).  My only complaint was that I could have eaten more (but probably good that I couldn’t!).

Day 3 (today)

Breakfast:  Eggs Florentine with Chicken Sausage (240 calories)

I was dubious at first because I never had re-heated, frozen eggs that ever tasted any good. However as this dish was cooking in the microwave it actually smelled really good. I was surprised by how flavorful and buttery the eggs tasted. The chicken “sausage” was more like a meatball, and it was a bit dry, but still had good flavor (not as good as the turkey sausage though). This was a pure protein meal for a change, which I liked.

2015-01-17 13.40.26Lunch: Thai Chicken and Mushroom Soup with Mango Coconut Rice and Sweet Plantains (360 calories)

The soup was really delicious. The chicken was tender and the soup base itself had that delicious coconut thai flavor. It’s even better than the canned soup I buy that’s similar.  The rice was also good, flavored with thai basil and little bits of mango and peas mixed in. The plantain wasn’t bad, although I’ve never been a fan. At least it doesn’t taste like banana, but it does have a texture I’m not fond of (this is typical of all plantains, not just the ones I had today).

I also felt very full after this lunch.