Diet-to-Go Meal Reviews: Day 10

Breakfast: Whole Grain Pancakes, Strawberry Maple Syrup, Turkey Sausage, Asparagus (260 Calories)

Ok so far this was hands-down the worst meal so far. The pancakes were inedible (it was like trying to chew on frisbee). The asparagus tips were bitter. The turkey sausage was the only thing worth eating. Good thing I wasn’t super hungry!

Lunch: Tuscan Boats (Stuffed Potatoes), Nutty Wheatberry Salad (460 Calories)

These stuffed potatoes were very tasty. They were hollowed out and had ground meat and mushrooms with marinara inside, and topped with cheese. The salad was also very good – a nice mix of wheat berries, rise, cranberries, nuts and seeds.

This meal made up for the horrible breakfast!!

Note: Skipping dinner again. Went out with friends to Rodizio Grill for their “bacon fest.”