Diet-to-Go Meal Reviews: Day 12

Breakfast: Egg and Broccoli Pie, Applesauce (390 Calories)

This was delicious. Eggs, Broccoli and Cheese. The perfect little breakfast casserole. The applesauce was just your standard Mott’s and I saved it for a mid-morning snack. I definitely want *more*of this one!

Lunch: Michigan Turkey Sandwich, Pretzel Roll, Orange Mango Salad (510 Calories)

This was just ok. Too much roll, not enough “michigan turkey salad” (which was a lot like the Waldorf Salad). Also the roll wasn’t a preztel roll as advertised. It was whole wheat. Overall it was ok, just needed less roll and more salad.

The orange mango side salad was not good and I didn’t eat it.

Dinner: Blackened Turkey Loin, Carrot Chipotle Puree, Italian Veggie Blend, Asparagus Risotto (390 Calories)

This meal overall was delicious. The turkey wasn’t blackened and the asparagus was bitter, but everything else about it was really good. The turkey was tasty and I was glad it wasn’t blackend, to be honest. The risotto had a nice flavor once I picked out all the asparagus, and the carrot puree was a nice touch. The veggie blend was fairly typical of a steamed, mixed veggie side.