Diet-to-Go Meal Reviews: Day 13

Breakfast: Whole Grain French Toast, Mango Cranberry Syrup (300 Calories)

The french toast was fluffy and tasty, and the mango cranberry syrup was a nice compliment, although I still prefer regular syrup with my french toast (just not the sugar free kind they’ve been putting in with some of my breakfasts, those are awful and was thankfully absent this time).

2015-01-27 14.54.32Lunch: Turkey Swiss Sandwich, Relish, Cauliflower Tabouli (410 Calories)

I wasn’t sure if this was meant to be heated or not, but I did and the sandwich was quite good, as was the Tabouli. The meal also came with a small can of V8 juice.

Unfortunately I wasn’t super hungry today so I only ate half for lunch and ate the rest for dinner later.