Diet-to-Go Meal Reviews: Day 4

Today my husband and I opted to have brunch out, so I will only report on the lunch and dinner portions I ate today.

Lunch: Waldorf Chicken Sandwich, with Snack Pack and V-8 (350 Calories)

Overall this was a good meal. The Waldorf Chicken in the sandwich was tasty and tasted like a Waldorf Chicken Salad, and it was served on a nice roll.  However, the problem was, since this started out frozen, the bottom half of the roll got soggy. So I had to toss out that part (who wants to eat soggy bread?!).

The sandwich came with a little “snack pack” with crispy chickpea noodles, roasted corn and toasted seeds, slightly seasoned. It was quite tasty. The roasted corn reminded me of corn nuts.

The entire meal came packed with a small can of V-8, which was a nice way to wash everything down.

Dinner: Turkey Meatloaf with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans (470 Calories)

The meatloaf was ok, although not very flavorful. It was served on top of the mashed sweet potatoes and you kind of had to eat them together. The sweet potatoes tasted very sweet and I’m not generally a fan of sweet for dinner so this was just ok for me. The green beans were fine.

NOTE: there will be no blog tomorrow. I have to fast for a blood draw at 3pm so no breakfast or lunch, and my husband and I are opting to use tomorrow as one of our “eat out” dinner nights.