Diet-to-Go Meal Reviews: Day 6

Breakfast: Blueberry Pancakes, Maple Syrup, Turkey Sausage (310 Calories)

This meal came with 3 whole wheat pancakes, blueberry compote, two little containers of sugar-free maple syrup and turkey sausage. These were the same pancakes that came with the apple pancakes breakfast, but this time they included 3 instead of 2. They are definitely fluffy, but bland if you don’t use the compote or syrup. I’ve decided I don’t like the syrup and I won’t be using it anymore (it has a terrible sugar-free after taste).

The blueberry compote is really good and makes the pancakes very tasty. The turkey sausage was also the same and was still very good. This was a very filling breakfast and it took me awhile to finish it.

2015-01-20 16.20.32Lunch: Captain Stewart’s Seafood Sandwich, Pretzel Roll, Tartar Sauce, Mandarin Oranges (480 Calories)

This sandwich was way better than the Waldorf Chicken Sandwich. The bun wasn’t soggy at all this time. I warmed up the sandwich and added the tarter sauce. The bun became soft when warmed up and overall the sandwich was very delicious. I’m glad they didn’t add salt to the pretzel roll (I always feel that Americans like to over salt their pretzels).  The manderin orange slices that came as a side were fresh, not canned.

Overall – great meal!

Dinner: Stir Fry Chicken, Oriental Veggies, Brown Rice (310 Calories)

This dish included diced chicken, carrots, snow pea pods, and baby corn, with a really tasty “stir fry sauce” and brown rice. The flavor and texture of everything was good and a good meal to round out my day.

I did notice that my calorie total is only 1,100 for today and my calorie allowance is 1,585 – so that means I can still snack if I want to later. However I haven’t been wanting snacks because these meals leave me really full. Instead I’ll treat myself to a glass of wine instead. Yum!