Diet-to-Go Meal Reviews: Day 7

Oops I’m falling behind a bit on these blogs.

My husband and I made a dinner swap for this day, so my dinner was from BistroMD instead of Diet-to-Go. He took my Chicken Fajita meal instead (His opinion of the chicken fajita wrap was that it was “OK.” Men can be so descriptive sometimes!).

Breakfast: Whole Wheat Monte Cristo, Raspberry Maple Syrup, Citrus Yogurt Salad (300 Calories)

This meal was labeled “French Toast Bake” on the package, but based on what was inside it matches the Monte Cristo meal on the web site. However I didn’t know what to do with it. It had a slice of french toast topped with ham and cheese (ew). Ok I know this is a thing, but still, I opted to remove the ham and cheese and eat that separately. They were actually tasty, but the concept of eating them on french toast was unappealing. I will probably substitute something else for this meal in the future.

The french toast, once warmed up, was tasty and fluffy. It came with a small cup of asparagus tips, which were bitter and I couldn’t eat them. There was also a fruit and yogurt cup that was also bitter. There was a raspberry sauce that came with the french toast but it was too sweet so all I ate was the slice of french toast, and then the ham and cheese on the side.

So far this is probably my least favorite meal, after the soggy bread incident of the waldorf salad sandwich.

Lunch: Black Bean Soup, Soft Pretzel, String Cheese (590 Calories)

The soup was a little watery, but flavorful. It was a smaller portion of soup than the Thai chicken soup I had the other day as well, only about a cup. It contained a mix of black beans, red peppers, onions and spices. It tasted a bit like watery chili. Overall not fantastic, but not terrible either. The pretzel was good and unsalted (I dipped it in the soup and they tasted good together. The string cheese was, well … stringy!!

Not a top favorite, but I would eat it again. Just wonder where all the calories came from – the small portion of soup and the small pretzel really didn’t seem to be enough to count as 590 calories.

Dinner: Beef in Mushroom Marsala with Linguine (BistroMD Meal Switch-Up – 280 Calories)

This meal was quite good. The marsala sauce was tasty with just the right hint of marsala wine. Lots of mushrooms and tender beef. The linquine clearly was made from whole wheat from the texture, but the sauce made up for it. This came with a side of steamed green beans. They were a bit bland, but otherwise tasted fine.