Diet-to-Go Meal Reviews: Day 5

Ok, I lied yesterday. I did decide to eat one of my meals today after all (it’s 4pm, husband is at the gym, I’ve had my blood test and I’m *starving*).

Breakfast: Cranapple Muffin, Cran-Orange Cream Cheese, Pineapple (280 Calories)

Ok so this was meant to be a breakfast meal, but I ate it in the late afternoon as a snack instead.

I opted to warm the muffin up in the microwave. It was small, but very tasty. It had a nice chunks of apple and cranberry and hints of orange. It came with a “Cran-Orange Cream Cheese” which I could have spread on the muffin, but I opted to eat separately (because I’m weird like that!).  On the side was about a half-cup or so of diced pineapple.

Overall this was small, but tasty.